Windows 8 is an operating system attractive for multiple devices

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 Microsoft Windows 8 is the start of a “new era” and, although their acceptance remains to be seen, Microsoft has reason to (and has no choice but to) consider it so.The failure of Windows 8 is not acceptable because it would leave Microsoft in a more than uncomfortable, long-term weakness in the PC market.

Windows 8 is developed to operate across desktops, its reach extends to tablets and hybrid devices : computers that can be used as a tablet and a laptop. And any computer touchscreen.The hybrids is a concept similar to the Tablet PC that failed a few years ago.But this failure was very precisely in part because the version of Windows at the time, even with specific adaptations for these devices was not raised to run on touch screens.

Nor processors and other components then were so optimized for performance in this type of computers, which resulted in expensive machines, big, bulky and very little autonomy.On the contrary to what happens with Windows 8 and Windows RT variant, which is designed specifically to work with technology architectures (processors and other components) specific to mobile devices.

Windows 8 and Windows RT

Although both versions of the operating system, Windows 8 and Windows RT, are designed for use on touchscreen devices and if desired in combination with standard peripherals, keyboard and mouse, Windows 8 and Windows RT are not compatible.

That is, they can not run the same software . Windows 8 supports Windows applications lifetime, more designed for the new Windows 8. RT Windows is a closed environment in which applications can only be installed from the Windows Store, the App Store also announced yesterday.

In other words, Windows RT closed environment resembles that of Apple’s iOS, which can only receive pre-approved applications through the Apple App Store. The Windows RT also pass filtering prior to Microsoft.

Windows RT is more important than Windows 8, the long-term . RT extends Windows Windows experience (the brand, platform and part of the livelihood of Microsoft) to mobile devices such as tablets.

It is vital that currently sell many more tablets (currently, mainly iPad and Android tablets less) than PCs, a market with minimal growth in recent years.

But  we are seeing only half of the film , because here comes the moment only Windows 8 in its classic form, if not “old”.That is, the version of Windows for desktop and laptop computers, or at most, hybrids of both, but with classic PC architecture anyway.

So in Spain currently no RT Windows and Windows tablets currently no RT. No plans or dates for the arrival of the tablets Microsoft Surface, which could go even a few months to arrive.

And seeing the whole picture, extending the Windows experience from the PC to mobile devices when Windows 8 interface makes sense, or a little more sense.Otherwise no means the interface of Windows 8 as successor to Windows 7. At least not at first.

The PC, “reimagined”

More and more PCs are perceived as mere tools, like “office computer”.

Windows until now has been a boring environment , at least in comparison with the other platforms that have arrived in recent years.

Most people know and use Windows, but not excite most people. At least so far.

Windows 8 changes or try to change this perception. Changes in approach (“reimagines the PC industry”) to try to turn this omelet, but can not give up or forget his great legacy, a huge database with millions of computers and huge amount of software already developed.

That’s why Windows 8 has two faces: one aspect of the XXI Century, modernIU interface formerly known as Metro, which is easily recognizable by its distinctive boxes initiated by mobile operating system Windows Phone 7.

And another environment, that is within Windows 8, and continues with the desktop metaphor of life, called Windows Desktop. Both are linked and the user, at least initially, is doomed to live with both .

Moving from one to another is the closest thing you can have to time travel.

In the first live and run applications designed specifically for Windows 8, the second is for the above applications, current, or those that are developed for Windows Desktop, ie using the same Windows interface that had been customary to release Windows 7 now replaced.

A good start

For several months before its formal release or final product was already possible to download and try Windows 8 with a temporary license the product under development. And the experience that good. It is attractive and works well.

But it takes some time to get to it, because it has significant changes from the known input that may confuse the user.

But the truth is that with a little time and interest is a good change, but best seen on a touch screen . And of course it is also a necessary change and inevitable.

Windows 8 is a good start, even with its flaws or details to improve. And it will be even more when renounce his past and get rid of the burden and confusion of having to carry the old environment.

Dispense with Windows Desktop now may seem unthinkable, but it will happen sooner or later. And it will not be the first Windows operating system to pass the trance that involves cutting the rope that keeps you from moving forward.

Mac users experienced something similar in changing the classic Mac OS to OS X now and left in the gutter, after a reasonable period of coexistence between the two systems-wide software that did not adapt to the new OS.

And Windows 8 can also be a breath of fresh air for the Windows Phone platform , the “Windows Mobile Phone.” The more common and becoming familiar Windows 8 PCs and tablets should be more attractive to most Windows Phone users will perceive it as a natural extension from your usual computer to mobile phones.

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