Windows 8 already exceeds MacOS Steam users share

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Windows 8 has been in business more than a month and users have given a good reception to the system. The sales confirm the success of Windows 8, which is consolidated in all areas. For computer gamers, Windows 8 has got an important part installed and the system is due to the different versions of Mac in a reference to the distribution of online games as Steam .


On October 26 Microsoft began distributing Windows 8 , the newest version of its operating system. The company had maintained for several months the testing phase of Windows 8, which premiered with optimistic forecasts on market performance.These forecasts have been met and the system has exceeded sales of its predecessor in the first month , getting sold more than 40 million licenses in 30 days .

   The great success of the system has made Windows 8 starts to appear on usage statistics of different services . One of the areas where Windows 8 is already listed in the report of Steam. Valve’s platform is an online distributor of major gaming and data to analyze trends in the field of video games for PC .

   For the November data, Steam has introduced Windows 8on the list of operating systems used in its service. Stresses that4.25 percent of the activity on Steam during November has been through computers running Windows 8 64-bit. This is a far cry percentage leader system, Windows 7 64-bit, which accounts for 58.58 percent.

   However, the share of Windows 8 exceeds the sum of the contributions of the different versions of Mac . Overall system Apple has a share of 3.26 percent, adding all versions. For Windows 8, if you add the fee to the normal version of the 64-bit result is 4.69 percent.

   These data indicate that Windows 8 has been well received among videojuegadores . Although the system has quickly positioned itself, is still far from earlier versions of Microsoft software, that dominate the top positions in Steam. As for Mac, the system is still far behind Windows in this regard, partly because its catalog of games adapted.

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