Willow Glass, the Gorilla Glass for flexible displays

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Gorilla Glass is the name of a coating for tablets and mobile screens through which these gain a high resistance to fractures and scratches. Today this technology is commonly incorporated into the screens of the devices, so you may not know is that the manufacturer is testing a new variant, which have called Willow Glass .

Willow What is Glass?

It is basically the same technology to protect against fractures and scratches, but screens flexibles.La company Corning , a manufacturer of protective screens and creators of Gorilla Glass , has announced that is working on a variant of protection technology, this time for flexible displays.

The Corning have thought that this type of display although not yet on the market, soon will be, and definitely need extra protection against scratches and cracks.  Willow Glass supports devices with LCD screens OLED type , and adapts perfectly to the curves that are capable of flexible displays.

How has it been possible to achieve this new technology? the manufacturer because it has occurred to reduce the thickness of the coating to only 100 microns, which is the same thickness of a sheet of paper. In addition to the protection referred to, also have made Willow Glass resist the highest temperatures (up to 500 degrees), which provides greater protection to the electronics behind the screen.

According Corning product is already in a testing phase, but have not revealed details about the devices being applied.

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