Will the next iPhone be as good as the Galaxy S4 ?

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Without a doubt, both Apple and Samsung have the smartphone industry abuzz with what their next featured phone will look like and with what features it will offer. For Samsung, their Galaxy S4 is set to be unveiled within the month while the next iPhone is predicted to come out during the summer or even early autumn. Regardless of their launch date, both the Galaxy S4 and the next iPhone will both be excellent phones within their operating system classes. For those preferring Android products, Galaxy S4 will reign supreme and of course for Apple fans it would be the iPhone. While both phones will have similarities they will both provide subtle differences that make them uniquely iPhone and Galaxy S4.
The current thinking right now is that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will provide a display screen of 5 inches which is an increase for the S3’s size of 4.8 inches. On the other hand, the current iPhone 5 has a display screen of four inches. If Apple follows their trend, the next iPhone will more than likely look the same as the 5 but with upgrades inside. Therefore, one could expect the next iPhone to have a screen display an entire inch less than the Galaxy 4S. In terms of ideal mobile casino gaming phones, 4 inches is probably the ideal minimum. When compared on this factor alone, it would appear that the Galaxy S4 would be the better choice for casino gaming.
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