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The Canadian company Research in Motion (RIM), maker of the popular BlackBerry, presented on Wednesday its new operating system, the BB-10, and its new phones with which the market expects to recover that now dominate iPhone and devices with the system Android.

RIM, which in the past two years has suffered serious image problems the sporadic drop in services, which has joined its loss of market share in key regions such as North America and Europe, has repeatedly delayed the release of BlackBerry 10 and new appliances.

RIM’s future is in the air. BlackBerry 10 Is the solution for uncertainty?For some experts, the company will fail to improve their long-term activity despite the anticipated release of their new system, too focused increasingly competitive sector business.

Specifically, Ovum chief analyst for telecommunications, Jan Dawson, has said that in the long term the new operating system will not be the solution for RIM to consider RIM’s approach is not adequate and that the system will not be competitive in the current context, or in the corporate market and the consumer.

Dawson has studied the RIM and its main problems. “Two major factors have been against RIM in the last two years: companies no longer buy their smart phones and users overwhelmingly have chosen other devices. Both factors have depressed sales of RIM devices and are not going away, “he said.

From Ovum understand the position of the company, which looks set to convince their users to stay in BlackBerry rather than attract new customers . “We can not blame RIM for wanting to hold on to its 80 million subscribers. Although exact figures are not available, our analysis suggests that RIM has always sold about half of its devices to new customers and existing customers other half who wanted a better phone. “

But after months of waiting, the Canadian manufacturer that created the booming segment of “smartphones” that now control the iPhone and Android devices with the system, presented what many analystsconsider to be their last chance to stay afloat with a spectacular event in New York and a conference in Toronto.

RIM will build on the presentation of the new systems to initiate a full-scale publicity campaign, including television advertisements during sporting king in America, the end of football, the Super Bowl , which takes place this weekend. For this campaign, RIM will use some of the nearly 2,000 million in cash held in its reserves.

The rebirth of RIM

The launch of BlackBerry 10 is considered the beginning of the rebirth of RIM, in the first three quarters of this fiscal year lost 744 million U.S. dollars. These economic losses are added the loss of one million subscribers in the third quarter.

Despite the complicated situation of RIM, its CEO, Thorsten Heins who presented at Pier 36 in New York BB10, believes that the company “has stabilized” and that the new phones, from his work during the past twelve months, return the former glory to BlackBerry.

The task is difficult. In the United States, which in the past was the main market for these devices, the sales have plummeted. If in 2008, BlackBerry controlled 46% of the market “smarthpones”, in 2012 the number was reduced to 2% according to figures from the consulting firm IDC.


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