Wikipedia to provide knowledge with the voice of famous people

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In an attempt to continue to grow as one of the world’s largest knowledge database platform, Wikipedia now have the voices of famous personalities from different fields. This project, which has been brewing a few months, already has its first two participants.

The concept, held by Wikipedia contributor, Andy Mabbett, was initiated in 2012. Now that they have the participation of British actor Stephen Fry and astronaut Charly Duke , it is envisioned that this project will go towards new horizons and a better appreciation of the personality of an individual through his own voice is created.

“Hello, my name is Charly Duke. I was born in Charlotte, North Carolina and have been an astronaut since 1966, “he says in his recording former member of the NASA within Wikipedia.

Candidates who agree to participate will have to record a message about 10 seconds with a brief description of his life, same to be inserted in the profile of Wikipedia and even displayed on the bottom of the player a transcript of what is being said.

Some biographical profiles show similar Wikipedia and audios, but in those cases it is the voice extractions from TV or radio, and not a recording made specifically for the self-appointed “free encyclopedia”.

With the draft Mabbett is likely that within a short time there is a virtual space with the voices of those who are still alive, and that in a few years will become a place to remember some old Hero has marked the life of the people and was immortalized through the biographical sheets Wikipedia.

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