Wikipedia is redesigned for mobile

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  • The redesign is more readable and runs on smartphones and tablets
  • Any person entering with phones and automatically see the new version
  • Changed fonts and templates adapted.
Those who routinely consult Wikipedia as a source of information if you have noticed a change lately have accessed from mobile devices: it is a complete redesignconducted by the Wikimedia Foundation team to make the popular free encyclopedia easier to read from anygadget, you have to have the screen. The new design had a time in a test area for advanced users, but as of today and is publicly available . The behavior is automatic and readers of the encyclopedia does not have to do anything: when accessing any page on the Wikipediaservers detect the type of device you are accessing, and the resolution of the screen, and act by sending a design adapted to the sizes of images and fonts most suitable. The new design is not only very comfortable and functional is also suitable as “accessible page”, which is like is called the simplified versions of web pages that are accessible to people with visual disabilities – for example through converter text-to-voice. This change in appearance, that for those who read the articles in the encyclopedia is completely transparent , has everything a job behind. A problem from the beginning of time the web is that Internet users access from screens of different sizes is something that was solved with designs adapted to the most popular resolutions – but with the advent of mobile devices the picture changed dramatically . With mobile phones, game consoles, tablets, TVs and other devices can access the web pages, the number of different screens shot: sometimes it was necessary to design the artwork for screens as large as 2000 x 1000 pixels, other times were small screens of 320 x 200 or less. Though generally the sizes of the text the user-configurable , most do not know. Therefore web pages must be sufficiently “smart” to be designed so that the appropriate size of the screen being used and perfectly readable to the first. The same happens with images and links: If the icons are too small, you can not press. A significant challenge in recent times are devices like tablets and phones with high density screens like Apple’s Retina Display technology: Pets picture quality superior to that normally used in the screens of desktops, so some web pages are designed to send a low-resolution images than equipment and other high resolution to the rest. In the new “Design for mobile devices” of Wikipedia have changed so much as the main template fonts. The template fits the size of the screen by moving the important elements that appear on a big screen in columns, and replacing the menu with an icon that displays the different options. Besides that, the fonts have changed by more legible and are more compatible with different devices. The seeker has remained in the top and performs the same function as usual

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