Why You Should Stay Connected While Traveling

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There’s absolutely no doubt that we are spending more and more time glued to a screen, be it the warm glow of your television, or the sharp piercing light of your mobile phone in the middle of the night. We love to be connected. We want to know everything and we want to know it right away. Let’s face it, we are so reliant on the internet that if for some bizarre reason it ceased to exist tomorrow, we would all be lost.

Staying connected on a day-to-day basis is fine, but what if we were to leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life and go travelling. And I mean travelling further than your Wi-Fi signal will reach. Should you stay connected while travelling? Absolutely! And here’s why.

First of all, if you are travelling, chances are you’ll be going somewhere you haven’t been before. You will be in an unfamiliar environment and chances are that you’ll get lost! Having an internet connection on your phone will allow you to use applications such as Google Maps to navigate around where ever it is you may be. Furthermore, if you want turn-by-turn directions, points of interest, or location based information – you could have it all at the touch of a button.

We all want to get away once in while right? Sometimes it’s nice NOT to sign into your email account and stare at the alarming number of new emails sitting in your inbox. But let’s face it, there are times you are going to need to read and reply to emails, especially if you’re a freelance writer much like myself. If you rely on writing or blogging for a living, you’re going to want a constant internet connection when you’re out and about. When I was travelling around the east coast of Australia, I signed up to one of iiNet’s mobile broadband plans, which allowed me be connected even when I was miles (or kilometers, as an Aussie) away from the nearest Wi-Fi signal.

Finally, if you’re travelling alone, you’ll want to stay in touch with friends and family. Even though you’re exploring new and exciting places with new and exciting people, you should always take some time to touch base and say hello to the ones you love back at home. A friendly Skype video call back home to mum and dad would not only put their minds at ease, but also put a huge smile on their face. You could also take the time upload any happy snaps you may have taken on your journey.

So there you have it! Even though it’s nice to disconnect from the world at times… a good reliable internet connection does come in handy when travelling. Make sure to check out your countries planes, connection speeds and always compare prices before committing. Also, if possible, stuck to a pre-paid plan if you’re stay is short term.

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