Why Wayback Machine, Internet Archive Is Important

The Internet Archive is sometimes very important. It is important when a web page is currently delivering an error code like a “404” or “page not found.”

A easier version, or rather a painless version, of it has just been launched. Wayback Machine extension is installable on Google Chrome to check whether the currently-showing-error web page has anything in the archives.

Very few people know the Internet Archive has been documenting web pages since 1996. This mean one can return back to the FBI homepage of 1996. One can also go back and see what Twitter appeared in 2006.

Such web pages of past era are highly useful for curious geeks who are interested in the history of the web. The Internet Archive is also an important tool for content publishers from erasing their online history.

It is not to forget about 83 percent of PDF documents on .gov domains were whitewashed during the first term of Barack Obama in the White House. There may be several theories of the disappearances. Internet Archive tool becomes a necessary here.

In 2013 a Harvard study found about fifty percent of hyperlinks relating to Supreme Court decisions is not working anymore. The Wayback Machine is working to solve such so-called link root crisis, which is a growing concern.

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