Why the iPhone 5 does not accept NFC payments system?

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  • NFC technology replaces credit cards and even cash
  • More than 160 companies support it, but just got implanted
  • Apple has its own alternative included in the new iOS 6

One thing that a lot of people speculated that incorporate the newly introduced iPhone 5 was support for the payments system NFC , Near Field Communication .

This standard, as proposed in 2004 by Nokia, Philips and Sony, claims that a mobile phone can become a payment system that obviates the need for credit cards, loyalty cards, etc..The idea is that the phone stores the data for each user card and the payment terminal it closer to establishing a radio link that allows for the transaction , subject to authorization from the owner.

This would also use a phone or device with NFC to pay in a coffee machine or in urban transport. In fact it is becoming more common to use proximity cards right they are quite similar in concept, but more similar functionality.

A project without curdling

But the truth is that although since 2004 have been joining the NFC Forum party, not a technology that is over jigsaws, despite having even behind Google, which includes Google Wallet and now supports virtually any card credit , but for now only in the United States .The problem is, first, to be able to use this technology is necessary in the shops, machines vending , bus, or wherever you want to use must be installed compatible hardware. But this is by far the lesser problem.

The main problem is that once it starts to move money, companies think in commissions

The main problem is that as soon as money starts moving companies think in commissions and in that sense Apple has no desire to put anyone else in the equationwhen it has 435 million users and data from your credit card its iTunes Store.

Thus, Apple’s bet is clearly Passbook , a feature of iOS 6, the new version of the operating system for phones from Apple, which is designed specifically to store loyalty card data, airline tickets, etc..

Any vendor willing to offer their services via Passbook not take more than an Internet connection and sign the corresponding agreement with Apple, that in return for the relevant committee will include it in Passbook.At the time of making the sale via Passbook, the iPhone client will receive the request via Internet, this will authorize a PIN or similar, and ready. Money for the seller, money for Apple, and more comfort for the buyer . So no, it is not likely that we will see an iPhone with support for NFC.

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