Why SSDs are still popularized

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Currently, when purchasing a new computer, you have a different alternative for data storage, which is a solid state drive . This device is usually presented as a possible replacement of current hard drives, especially for performance and greater reliability presented in comparison to traditional HD.

Solid State Drives-SSD

Solid State Drives-SSD

For more SSDs have several problems in its initial season sales, over time they have been getting more and more improvements, as well as presenting a considerable reduction in the price. Hard drives, on the other hand, may have reached a point in which the improvements do not seem to be so noteworthy.

Even the concept of SSDs “not have space” begins to change, especially with the release of units with up to 1TB by Samsung . Still speaking of space, has also been proven that you can build a computer “hybrid”, adopting both storage units to solve this difficulty.

But even with more robust units and several advantages over the HD, that SSDs are not as popular as the other mechanism? This transition from hard drives to solid state drives already happening, but at a slow pace. To better understand the reasons for this phenomenon, we begin with a brief explanation of how to operate the two units.

Data Storage

A solid state drive (SSD) is a device that provides a way for your computer storing data, like the hard disk (HD), which is the most commonly used unit for the task. Simply put, we can say that the main difference between the two lies in the way in how they perform the operation.

A traditional HD


The hard drive makes recording data on metal plates spinning. So, whenever your computer needs to access a given (ie, need to do the reading), a component similar to a needle moves to reach the position in which the necessary information is stored. The recording procedure works similarly, so that the parts of the device are in constant motion.

In the case of an SSD, there is any movement in their processes. Data is stored in blocks, each being divided into pages. Where access to information is needed, the unit only responds which is the location where content is concerned.

The procedure for recording an SSD is a bit more complex. In an attempt to simplify, one can say that he is the annotation of data pages present in a block. However, if any change is made in the information, the unit needs to delete the entire contents of the block (not just a page) and write it again the right way.

A solid state drive

Although this has been a very simplified explanation of the process, you can see some of the reasons why SSDs are typically considered quieter and more efficient than HDDs.

Key benefits of a SSD

As main advantages of a SSD in relation to a HDD, we can mention the fact that the unit is less sensitive to shock, and not run the risk of having their data deleted by a source close to the magnetic device. In addition, solid-state drives are much lighter, consume less power and very little heat compared to hard drives.

Another point that is always taken into account involves the rapid boot SSD and a performance presented by the unit in general.

Other problems: Price and Space

Among the factors that we can cite as hindrances to the popularization of solid-state drives, the space and the price certainly appear as the first items on the list and are interconnected. A solid state drive usually has values ​​as high in the market that a model with only 256 GB of space can ultimately cost almost the price of an entire computer, as its brand and its specifications.

Meanwhile, the HDDs similar size have a very affordable price, and even disks with sizes as large as 1 TB are already quite popular. Although the SSD can be a great device for notebooks and has been the choice of storage engine for almost any latest line of Apple certainly the final price of your product will be well above average only because he has a unit of solid.

Additionally, at least so far, there are few models that pass SSD 512GB. In addition, all follow the rule of the price quoted: the higher the space available, the more expensive model. In the case of hard drives, it goes without saying that nowadays you can find disks with sizes as large as 4 TB with values ​​relatively far below those charged in case of an SSD.

Still, with the popularization of storage services in the cloud (like the famous Google Drive and Dropbox ) and streaming video directly from the internet (like Netflix ), many suggest that space is no longer a problem as it was in the past. However, for you to consider this type of service as a substitute, must take into account that it is necessary to have a constant connection to the network.

Perhaps this factor is not yet a reality in all environments you frequent to trust always use a music player online or have your files in the cloud. Furthermore, it may still take a long time for consumers who are accustomed to having plenty of space to do the swap size for performance.

Popularization with time

SSDs have some disadvantages, to make a comparison it is clear that the main problem is the value of the product. This is because in general – analyzing and coarsely – they are superior to HDDs, in both performance benefits offered by a computer to obtain with a solid state drive for data storage.

However, to date there is a large investment by automakers PCs and notebooks to incorporate the product, with the exception of a few companies. Moreover, even if the end user is not willing to forgo a cheaper product and more space due to the acquisition of a smaller unit, but with better performance.

Thus, it is possible to consider that in the future SSDs will replace hard drives today, but will still take a long time for this to become a reality.

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