Why Online Sources May Not be the Best Place for Liposuction Information

For any and every information we require, we reach out to Google. We get answers, but American Society of Plastic Surgeons published in a recent study that using search engine for getting information about “liposuction” procedure is just not right. It produces low quality and disappointing results.


While majority who seek plastic surgery is recommended to do a thorough research first for developing realistic goals. So, if they won’t go online how will they acquire the information they need? Research on the other hand noted that, for liposuction the online content lacked possible complications and risks, on all the 245 websites available.
The websites that had the information were evaluated on EQIP (Ensuring Quality Information for Patients) tool. This tool accesses websites and determines the quality and completeness of information. As studied by agency, only three-fourth of the websites created by plastic surgeons scored low on quality of information. On the contrary, all professional organizations do better and have better information.

However, the purpose of this article today, is not to drive people away from the online sources for information as general information, especially related to plastic surgery as procedure, recovery and risks etc. is available online. Rather tell them that according to the study, there’s a good reason why complete information about the surgery is not available online: the impact of surgery on every individual is different.


The Solution – Specific information and details about a surgery can only be given to a person in one on one consultation with an experience and board certified surgeon. Consultations with the surgeon in person gives the plastic surgeon an opportunity to analyze your body in detail and listen to your goals and concerns, while understanding your medical history and other relevant information.

The one on one discussion enables the surgeon and you to have an honest discussion about the possibilities and risks associated with the procedure. You will also be allowed to ask pertinent questions regarding liposuction and ensuring in return that you fully understand and are prepared for the surgery. Crispin Plastic Surgery Center welcomes anyone looking forward for having Liposuction in Atlanta, for consultation and for the helping you decide if the procedure is what you seek.


Now since, we already know the concern for today, let’s go ahead and discuss the risks.

Risks of Liposuction Surgery

Majority of people who get Liposuction procedure are happy with the outcome. However, just like any other plastic surgery procedure, Liposuction has risks involved. Although the risks of the surgery associated to an individual are subjective and depend entirely on the person going under knife. In any case, every person should develop thorough understanding of the limitations and possible complications of the surgery.

Before you go for liposuction, you should become aware of the risks that will follow you. Try not getting influenced by the friends and people that have had the procedure, whether that’s a friend or a family member. Let yourself decide whether you are ready to handle the risks and only then step forward for the procedure. Since it’s a cosmetic procedure and not medically required, therefore you won’t need to rush and will be able have it done when you actually want it.

Gather as much information as you can about Liposuction that will have you take an informed decision whether it should be chosen or not. However, don’t believe that complications will only be with people other than you. It is important to understand that risks will be there, you just need to know what risks will be linked to you. Also learn and decide if you are willing to accept the possibilities of you having complications.

Complications – There is a huge list of complications that should be discussed in detail to enable an understanding of what people opting for Liposuction should expect: infections of any sort can occur and this is why antibiotics are prescribed which can also have affect on the body, embolism can occur causing shortening of breadth, an organ can have a puncture during the procedure, seroma, there can be swelling, burns and skin necrosis, you can expect nerve compression, fluid imbalance and toxicity from anesthesia.

Apart from all this, do remember that you will have a long period of recovery which will also include healing time as well. People might say they recovered easily and that after the surgery day, everything was ok – it’s not. Theirs is severe pain that throbs and can make you lose senses. You will need to be careful about your diet and if not, once you rush to the bathroom, you will realize how impossible it might seem to just feel ok. Try following surgeon guidelines and taking medication as advised.

Your plastic surgery decision should only be yours and not by force, nor should you be suggested and advised. Take your time, prepare well, understand all and since you have the right to feel beautiful, you can opt for the surgery that suits your need!

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