Why iPhone 5S contains a 64-bit?

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As good strategists, Apple introduced the iPhone 5S as the first smartphone with 64-bit processor . The director of marketing for the company sold this feature associating greater terminal performance. However, scholars in the field have disassembled, in a way, this theory and we uncover the true reason why the Cupertino include Apple A7 chip .



Unconsciously associate the 64-bit architecture to a higher processor performance. It happened when AMD first introduced the AMD Athlon CPU instruction set in X64 and it happens again after migration from Apple. However, there is little difference in both cases: the RAM.

By construction, 64-bit processors are designed to take advantage of the system providing greater capacity in the virtual memory addressing. However, the benefits of this architecture are appreciable when the RAM is at least 4 GB. Below, the record of the 32 bits is sufficient to reference the system bandwidth. If we take the theory and apply it to the case of the iPhone 5S see how Apple will not improve the performance of your iOS 7 with Apple A7 chip as the terminal, at best, have 2 GB of RAM (data still has not been provided). This is not to say that the new processor will not improve in performance over the previous generation, but the power gain is not determined by the architecture, but other instruction set benefits in ARMv8 64bit which is based on .

So, why Apple has included a new architecture on your iPhone 5S? We must understand that Californians are not limited to include Apple A7 processor and go. It was also necessary to adapt the iOS kernel 7 to new instruction set and also will need to compile the applications according to the 64-bit architecture so that in the future we take advantage of this technology. As detailed in by the resources , the same would be the goal.

Therefore, no performance gain is what drives Apple, at least with the hardware currently available on the iPhone 5S. The firm’s objective is achieved as soon as the transition from the 32 to the 64 bits to make it possible for App Store applications will adapt to the platform. This process will take a couple of years (as happened in the field of PC) so that then when the iPhone have 4 GB of RAM (time sooner or later), they can actually use the game instructions.

Thus, we could interpret that Apple releases an iPhone 5S with 64-bit processor to preempt the plans of other manufacturers and, in turn, give that little push developers to conform to the plans of the firm through term. Now it remains to see the movement of the other participants, such as Qualcomm, NVIDIA, MediaTek and Samsung itself, if they see the 64-bit future. In one way or another right now they are forced to do so as they may be in danger of falling behind in this competitive industry. A mistake that could cost them years of adjustment, too time advantage for Apple. It also raises another question, and if Google has plans to introduce the 64-bit support on the Android kernel. At the end of the models like the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 already close to the 4 GB of RAM, and therefore, would be highly beneficial to the x64 instruction set.

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