Why Google did not design the tablet with Motorola

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Google has a history as to forge alliances with other companies to design products and put your name in support.

So it was with HTC and the first smartphone from Google , the Nexus . The same happened with Samsung , the South Korean company that designed another version of the same team.

And inversely, Motorola received strong support when he designed the tablet Xoom .

When Google sealed the purchase of Motorola Mobility , surged speculation about how it would change the market and to what extent the Internet giant would rely on the manufacturer for their upcoming releases.

Google said from the outset that the purchase of Motorola would not affect their plans.The acquisition had more to do with defending the other manufacturers who use Androidto potential lawsuits due to the huge patent portfolio of Motorola .

The market had doubts, but the movements of Google seem to continue to confirm its intentions.

Patrick Brady , a director of Android , said the election of Asus as the manufacturer of the Nexus 7 should not cause surprise.

“When we bought Motorola was important to make clear to our partners that we would enter into direct competition in the hardware market. We buy Motorola to help the ecosystem ( Android ) in terms of patents and intellectual property, “said Brady.

And recalled another of the “precepts” announced when Google was left with Motorola : “At first I think that our partners were not sure what it meant not to give preferential treatment to Motorola. But we were making another Nexus with Samsung and now theNexus 7 with Asus . So I think you can see that Motorola is not getting special treatment.It’s all about the ecosystem. “

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