Why Cyclists Should Be Careful Of Uber’s Driverless Cars

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If you are in the bike lane riding your cycle, beware of Uber autonomous cars. One may hit you or get confused how cross it. If you don’t believe, trust at least to the ride-hailing company. Their version is something similar.

The Uber Technologies admitted lately their autonomous cars are facing issues crossing the bike lanes and the engineers are working to fix it.

The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition meanwhile said the issue of Uber’s self-driving cars could have deadly implications for cyclists and warned those may take unsafe turns through the bike lanes.

Usually, other cars first merge with the bike lane and thereafter yield the existing traffic in the lane before turning from the curb in California.

The coalition’s executive director Brian Wiedenmeier said Uber’s self-driving cars took unsafe right-hook-style turn through a bike lane two times in his ride through the streets of SoMa.

In a blog post Wiedenmeier wrote, “I can tell you firsthand: Those vehicles are not yet ready for our streets… Launching autonomous vehicle technology before it’s regulated and safe for our streets is unacceptable.”

Uber is testing its autonomous cars in driver-less mode in Pittsburgh since September and started the same in San Francisco just last week amid controversies including one having dispute with the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

Meanwhile, Uber spokeswoman said the Coalition has suggested them to switch on to non-self-driving mode while the car approaches right turns on a street with a bike lane.

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