Why Automation Is New Definition To Technology In 2017

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The 2017 will be the year of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robots. Places at work and home will be widely evident, but the main concern will be loss of jobs with increased automation and the trend will continue beyond the year.

American entrepreneur and investor, Mark Cuban, who didn’t support President-elect Donald Trump during the presidential election campaign, said United States needs to further invest in automation field to stay competitive in the future.

It is not to forget robotics have expanded its reach beyond military applications, warehouse and manufacturing. It has stepped into completely new arenas. It can solve problems beyond efficiency. It has the capability of addressing healthcare, companionship and business needs as well.

The broader reach of robotics is smart home products ecosystem with compelling new smart home solutions. The 2017 will see greater, valuable and central role of automation in the smart home.

The desire to speak to technology will be fulfilled in 2017 with the help of products like Apple TV, Echo, Google home and also with the smartphone. The companies are developing technologies that can help making interaction easy with the devices used in every ay life.

However, the biggest challenge will be the mass market as people try having an actual back and forth conversation with such automation technology which is not possible as of now. It will take more time getting there.

It is also not to forget the current state of consumer IoT (Internet of Things) has failed promises. Do you believe technologies in 2017 will be equipped with such pregnant expectation.

Entrepreneur..been there done that.

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