Which leaves the CES 2013

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The electronics show held in Las Vegas, comes to an end with numerous presentations that have been made known upcoming trends

Which leaves the CES 2013

An iPhone compared to ‘phablet »Huawei

Charming TVs, smarter than ever, monstrous in size, “tablets” also large, mobile and robust submersible, where the challenge is to integrate the best possible architecture binomial-ecosystem. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, where major manufacturers have returned to show the world the latest news about mobile devices, televisions and electronic devices, has left the trends that , from now on, will permeating strategies and technology companies that are destined to revolutionize the habits of consumers, increasingly connected to the Internet.

One of the most striking was the planned program, in which fourteen years after it was opened by an officer of Microsoft. Turnaround. The CEO of Qualcomm, a company dedicated to mobile technologies, Paul Jacobs , was on hand to open this year in which unveiled the new range of Snapdragon, “the chip of choice for most” manufacturers.

Big TVs

Flashy releases which have dominated the huge TV with Ultra High Definition UHD or 4K. Samsung, who was not at the level of other occasions, explained his evolution kit and immersed himself in the field of television, which together with Panasonic or LG focused on explaining its new developments, OLED screen and an innovative curved ensure improves visualization-first model of this type.

Precisely, LG was one of the companies that presented news at CES, where he took to show his renowned catalog televisions, among which is the third generation of Google TV, and developments in the field of hand control of their MagicControl command. Samsung decided to expand two of its major divisions, LED and OLED, and also introduced new technology with 4K UHD on a TV reaches 85 inches, another of the “monsters” that amazed the audience.

Comes’ phablet »

The technology is paving the way in emerging countries, where there are even companies like VMK, Republic of Congo, involved in making the call Elikia, a device with a 3.5 inch screen. Looking into those countries, DryWired, technology firm based in Los Angeles, distribute nano-coating technology in Latin America, Middle East, Africa, India and Russia.

This innovative nano-coating is non-toxic, invisible and not detectable to the touch and allows virtually any surface coating is water resistant, corrosion and growth of bacteria. This is a train that does not want to lose Lenovo, world’s leading manufacturer of computer, which released the K900 with Intel. 5.5 inch display to celebrate the so-called “phablet ‘, mixing phone and “tablet” that make the bulk its hallmark. Or theAscend Mate , that is the “smartphone” that has the largest screen (for now) the world. Future? Success? Anyway, it has been shown that size does not matter whether attentive to the “tablets” of more than 20 inches as those offered by the manufacturer or Panasonic.

With Ubuntu Phone baptism, which may appear along with Samsung in February, ZTE joins the party operating systems to be working on developing a “smartphone” with Firefox Mobile OS, one of the great promises for this 2013 – and will be marketed in Europe. The Chinese company has decided to partner with a European operator, still unconfirmed, to begin shipping the device. Precisely, this manufacturer increasingly sounds more and more being recognized, thanks in presentations such as the called ‘the’ smartphone ‘world’s thinnest’Grand S has a thickness of only 6.9 millimeters.

But the operating system that lives its golden age and looks set to continue to demonstrate its potential is Android. Still the king, as the song says. Its integration fits any stand up in the appliance sector, where the company wants Dacor revolutionize the world of the kitchen with a new oven that incorporates the Google system. He was this generation appliance that has a seven-inch touch screen that allows, in addition to controlling the temperature, for example to play Angry Birds while cooking, among other functions.

As phones have been some surprises. Sony introduced its flagship Xperia family. Xperia Z , which goes with Jelly Bean 4.1, has 5-inch screen and 13 megapixel camera. Is the new “monster” of the company. Lenovo the Chinese company also rolled out its new catalog of ‘smartphones’, which will see the light at the end of January. There are five new models with different versions of Android, from the newly released Gingerbread Jelly Bean.

But it was Windows 8, which increasingly has more support , which was perhaps in the spotlight. Its sales have just not boot at all, even from Microsoft aimed at an acceptable host. Huawei revealed its first “smartphone” with this operating system: the Ascend W1, a mid-range device that is committed to a 4-inch screen, which come to accompany two other models presented, although JellyBean Android 4.1 (theAscend Mate and The Ascend D2).

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