Where they come from and what are the comments with spam?

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“Great offer incredible prices, check!”, “Buy Viagra now, click here!” And other URLs that do not seem unreliable are increasingly common in any kind of website, from personal blogs to large portals.

And now they try to fool you: the message says something like “Your text is very good, congratulations!” (Always in English), but the title and the last words of the text contain advertising, all to try to fool filters .

Seeking the origin and purpose of these messages, Kernel Mag released an article that penetrates deep into the spam to tell about one of the most annoying internet

Increase your … Website

Typically, spam can be used to propagate malware (who almost never clicked on “pictures of the party”?) Or as pure propaganda to international stores and other services. But that’s not always the case: there is even more specific purposes, such as improving the placement of your website on Google . It’s like this: if many links to your site are mentioned in comments around the internet, for example, it is considered relevant and rises in the polls.

Where they come from and what are the comments with spam?

It’s called “black SEO “, a deliberate spread of spam made by the administrators of a site. Google tries to chase whoever does this, but it is not easy to track everyone who uses this method illegal according to company policies.

The villain

But how do they arise? Of course not everything is manual: just imagine the trouble of having to copy and paste the message in the comment boxes for each site! The solution is to use customized programs such as GScraper that calls itself best in the area.

Where they come from and what are the comments with spam?

In it, you create a standardized review and have the program search, from topics and keywords, pages containing these subjects and allow comments – and then just make the party on these sites, however this is wrong.


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