WhatsApp updated its application to facilitate the payment of the service

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New update of the application Whatsapp for Android , this time not a security problem. The main reason for touching the program is none other than adapting the payment system gateway to Google so that the user has the necessary confidence in the future to pay the annual fee for the service of instant messaging .


Late last year Whatsapp users knew the intention of the company to complete the process of testing its platform.Accordingly, the instant messaging network would no longer be free. However, most users currently maintained free subscription period, although this year begin to expire. It will then be necessary annual subscription fee to continue using the application.

In an attempt to anticipate the confusion that may cause the current payment method when a large number of users on your network will be forced to renew the subscription, the U.S. company has updated the application Whatsapp for Android . The main new feature of the update is the change in the payment system that derives the user’s smartphone to the web browser. Given the reluctance of many users to provide the card number in such websites, the company has seen fit to improve the ease and safety of payment to integrate Google’s own method (Wallet) by which they shop Content on Google Play. Thus, the usurious have more confidence when it comes to renew your subscription.

After the trial period, the duration of which is apparent from the section of the application configuration Whatsapp in the account information section, the user can make the payment of the annual fee, which in this case is 0.99 dollars, or what is the same, 0.74 euros to change. Will this payment method step a deterrent for many users? Line it take advantage of this “moment of weakness” of the instant messaging application more popular worldwide?


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