WhatsApp, now with Broadcast of 50 contacts and broadcasts photos

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Gradually messaging tool WhatsApp continues to improve its service and expanding its possibilities.Something usually happens first in the platform Android , where news usually come through updates sometimes do not cover all available terminals. Now, with a major update, WhatsApp returns several useful options to save battery and data , and add others as the mass broadcasts to all devices with OS Android .

This is the version 2.11.12 and it contains a good list of new features that affect the user experience , making it more comfortable and multiplying your chances on the platform Android . So, nothing more to install the update, one of the most striking is the system broadcast the images . That is, the ability to share groups of images without sending them one by one into the conversation. Simply access the gallery from a chat and see how the terminal folders and albums are represented by the last image stored on them. By accessing any you can select an image, just before sending it, press the + button to attach and send another group, thus saving much time.



Another of his significant change is the increase in the number of contacts to which you can send a broadcast . A message class to share the same information to many users without them are interrelated . Avoiding in this way the contact between them and the possibility of acquiring information such as their telephone numbers. So, to create a new distribution after upgrading WhatsApp , you can choose up to 50 different contacts , the same number of users that can be achieved in group conversations . Something really useful to spread a significant figure, but may not be as useful in chats.

Along with this, it has added a management menu automatically download media files . Or what is the same, the ability to determine when downloaded automatically an image, video or audio received .This is to save battery and data rate Internet by blocking the automatic discharge in this case, and activating only when a connection has WiFi , for example. Have also expanded the possibilities in the use of tones for notifications through the namesake menu found in Settings . Options to set different melodies as messages are received from individual conversations, group or broadcasts .

Finally, although of considerable importance, are improvements regarding verification process phone number , the battery consumption or menu Emoji emoticons. News that all users of Android will know use to get the most out of this tool.

Finally, an update full of new very interesting and useful for the more active user. The good news is that this new version 2.11.12 can now be downloaded for free from Google Play at least one year, or the remainder of the test mode. After this time you need to pay something less than one euro to renew your subscription and continue to use WhatsApp as normal for another year.

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