Whatsapp not be bought by Facebook

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Whatsapp not be bought by Facebook as speculating takes early Monday after the technology blog publish the instant messaging application as it was in the spotlight of the popular social network . At least for now, the most widely used chat service for the users of smartphones does not provide an option to become part of Facebook , as confirmed by the resources .

Whatsapp has rushed to this blog denied rumors of a possible takeover of his company by Facebook . Sources with the courier have declared that they have no information to share at this time.” Facebook , for its part, true to its policy of silence, has refused clarify or position with respect to this information.

According to the blog article , bothFacebook and Google are displayed quite some time interested in acquiring Whatsapp , one of the largest mobile application in the world and one of the independent market companies. This independence, however, might be sacrificed for other priorities in view of the questionable future that awaits the messaging service to competition from other programs such as Line or Joyn , the popular Whatsapp for operators, plus the first-second -, rapidly gaining ground.

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