WhatsApp leaves passwords discovered Android and iOS

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The return of the security problems Android, IOS and WhatsApp. should be remembered however that security has not been anywhere near as popular under messaging system.In fact each update, almost always, has not sought anything but make sure the application.

Until recently WhatsApp conversations are sent in plain text, no encryption or encryption. Even passwords to check-in service will be based on very rudimentary patterns. That is, security is and will always be one of the unfinished business of this messaging system.


Change everything

Well when calm reigned in the “green” messaging system reappears malware problem, as it has detected a vulnerability in the system, as reported by colleagues RedesZone . This is a bug called XSS  (cross site scripting) that allows evil to put a code Red happy with malware when accessing a website. In fact it is reported that even the malware can even modify web content to the mobile user sees when visiting a page.

Android and IOS

RedesZone Our colleagues say the key moment for casting is bad code when the application is going to pay in the event that is over the test period. From RedesZone say WhatsApp uses the telephone number plus a key phone more IMEI identification as security elements. Something seems to be very simple for bad Internet. For iOS the thing is even much simpler because the WiFi MAC is public and makes it much easier the rest of the entry process illegally.

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