WhatsApp is updated for Android with new widgets

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WhatsApp , one of the essential application of our smartphone,  without which smartphone users can’t survive today  is updated for Android with some really attractive newness which, surely, will allow us to make some easy tasks that until now we had to carry out a few, and annoying, more steps.

For example, the first newness is found in widgets , which will now have several options to choose and act as shortcuts to some of the more tasks we perform throughout the day. One of these new widgets is that of unread conversations that can bind together to, at a glance, know who has left us a message that we have not visited yet. 

With this update, WhatsApp now allows us to access a widget from the camera to take a picture and, once made, select the contact or the group to which you want to send. One possibility that keeps us really useful intermediate steps that can always make us lose precious time.

This latest version of WhatsApp brings another utility that are not going to notice when writing or reading messages but has to do with the management of our own … or rather, the other contacts in the phone-book. And for the first time, be able to pay the subscription of another phone number but not ours . You might think that what use have the power to pay someone your account WhatsApp , but this option is interesting in families where children / young people who have their own smartphone does not have a method of payment itself … or if in a fit of madness we love to give a gift to our partner.

This update can be downloaded from the official website of WhatsApp and not on Google Play.

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