WhatsApp is already more popular than Twitter among users

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The founder and CEO of mobile messaging application WhatsApp , Jan Koum, said his platform already has more users than the social network Twitter , as stated in the conference D: Dive Into Mobile organized by technology website All Things Digital. The event, which is being held in New York, served to Koum were to find the popularity of the tool that was launched in 2009 as an alternative to traditional services messages between mobile phones.



Twitter officially estimated at 200 million monthly users figure

WhatsApp is a subscription SMS application depending on the operating system that lets you send unlimited messages between users without charge.

Currently produced 18,000 million messages a day on this platform that has millions of users, but Koum not specify their number and just confirm that is higher than is the social network Twitter.

Twitter officially estimated at 200 million monthly users the number of short message service. 
Though rumors of acquisition by Facebook and Google, WhatsApp has denied it is in talks to be sold , according to All Things Digital.

Opposes advertising

Koum sensed a bright future for WhatsApp as to increase the number of people with access to a phone with internet access.“Once that happens it will be extremely easy to monetize the application,” he said in that forum Koum Yorker who started Monday and ends and the executives who have been Facebook and Google, among other companies.

Koum denied that in an effort to get more revenue WhatsApp was considering changing its policy on the inclusion of advertisements . “We have shown that opposes advertising.’re Proud. Whom do you like the ads? They bombard us both in our daily life we feel that smartphones are not the place for that. Not want to be interrupted with ads when you’re talking with your loved ones, “said Koum.

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