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A few days ago, resources announced the existence of talks between the heads of Facebook and WhatsApp for the purchase of the latter by the former. Amid all this rumor, which some say no and others take for false, the truth is that there are new instant messaging applications that could derail the supremacy of  WhatsApp.

That same Monday, resources assured this site that Facebook was in talks with WhatsApp to seize this messaging service. While Facebook says no representations on comments and speculation, WhatsApp have taken less than 24 hours to step out of these rumors ensuring that this information “does not fit the facts.”

WhatsApp’s response has been collected and the truth is that this hypothetical purchase courier by the largest social network of the moment, settle an important step in the expansion policy that Facebook is taking place in recent times and to further closer world mobile devices.

Moreover, it would also be a source of revenue for the social network as WhatsApp is a paid app in the terminal operating system iOS, while Facebook is free.

Not the first time that Facebook bought an application for mobile devices, as it did recently with Instagram.

New instant messaging programs

In the midst of this storm informative as rumors, the preeminence of WhatsApp is endangered by the emergence of new IM systems.

In addition, one of the advantages that have made the application so popular is that it is free for most devices, an issue also is in question these days because of not to speak of that could become a paid app. In any case even users use WhatsApp on PC .

Another problem to WhatsApp to do lately is the frequency of serious security flaws, which would both the content of the messages and the phone numbers of users to view.

So far, none of the systems developed to address the popular application has been able to overshadow him. The mobile operators themselves have boosted their designers to devise attractive alternatives for the user without success.

One of the candidates to the throne of IM is Spotbros . This system, operating similarly to WhatsApp, provides security and privacy, one of the weak points of the leader. It also offers interesting news. For example, lets use the geolocation system for smartphones and find contacts around to chat with them or send them information.

Another novelty is that features a 7-digit code to identify or add a user can also search by name.

Thanks to Shout, the user can exchange information without character limit. And perhaps most interesting is that it is a free app for both Android and iOS. As a note, it should be noted that the developer is Spanish.

However, the landing has not been without controversy, as the developers put a notice authorizing the application to “spamming” WhatsApp to contact, and that has caused a stir over whether it is ethical or not, to be released Thus.

Another direct threats to WhatsApp comes from Japan and is called LINE. The system is number 1 in the Japanese country with about 75 million users and is available for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry, as for mobile platforms, Windows and Mac OS X, on desktop platforms, which may be one of the most interesting features of LINE against its rivals.

Works well as other messaging systems allowing discussions with our friends, either individually or by creating groups. The system recognizes the friends of our agenda already discharged into the application.

Another advantage is that it integrates a VoIP call service such as Skype or Viber. With a simple click on a contact LINE can choose to chat with him or make a voice call.

Includes packs of stickers, which are giant stickers that come with the program. There are packs that are available free from the store and some payment. Besides the traditional emoticons that are still available.

It also incorporates a kind of wall or timeline style Facebook or Twitter, where users post status messages with images and icons. All other users can see and even interact, commenting or checking the “I Like”.

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