WhatsApp, in the crosshairs of Google

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The Internet giant is considering the possibility of acquiring the popular instant messaging service by 1,000 million



One aspect that raises more interest in the “Google Home” is having among its (successful) products service WhatsApp IM type conditions . With Gtalk had served its purpose of getting closer to that goal, but the new trend in the field of mobility has forced companies to rethink their strategy.

In fact, Google has long been trying to develop a unified service that would integrate IM their main communication services, such as Google Talk, Google Voice and Google+ . This new application will allow video calling and sharing and attach documents. However, time is short and the company would like to have a service in a position ready sooner rather than later.

For this reason, as he goes “Digital Trends” , Google is considering the possibility of acquiring WhatsApp, the popular instant messaging service for mobile phones, for 1,000 million dollars . The company, a market leader in this area, has been in the spotlight as the social network giant Facebook, which is also rumored that he was interested in buying it. But the negotiations failed and, where interest in this area has improved its chat services and mobile integration.

Now, the Internet giant is thrown into the ring by submitting a financial proposal enviable and unattainable for many of its competitors. The operation would be in the same terms that made ​​Facebook with Instagram last year .

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