WhatsApp can be bought by Google

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The popular instant messaging service WhatsApp can be bought by Google, in an operation for a total amount of one billion dollars and brewing takes four or five weeks, but we have not heard of this until now. The Mountain View giant seems to have made ​​bills and gets more feasible to acquire and integrate WhatsApp Babble and so once and for all end the lack of Google, in the field of mobile communications via instant messaging.

The Mountain View giant is not happy with the launch of its social network Google+, which despite already carrying around since June 28 last year and become the second social network with more number of active users (about 350 million ), is far from the ultimate social network Facebook.

As for instant messaging are not good results for Gtalk instant messaging client and VoIP over other competitors and although this application has the advantage of Google+ as it is included in the Android terminal not just offered expected results.

All this has meant that Google wants to invest one billion dollars in buying Whatsapp, the most popular and successful as far as mobile instant messaging is concerned, annual turnover of more than one hundred million dollars.

Buying WhatsApp by Google can be beneficial for both companies, as the Internet giant can not afford to develop a messaging application that was not competitive, since in this area already late and the developer of the popular messaging program based mobile Silicon Valley can end suddenly and stroke beset with competition in recent times Line and others.

If Google can purchase WhatsApp latter application becomes free.

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