WhatsApp and his crusade against mobile advertising

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The CEO of the popular messaging service said that are bigger than Twitter and reaffirmed the anti-advertising company. ” We do not want you interripa advertising when you’re talking,” he said.



WhatsApp installed for free on most devices and as we can see the millions of users of this service does not include advertising as the manner of many application developers free download, for example, Angry Birds. How finances, then WhatsApp? Although he has never come to my phone a renewal notice, it is known that after one year of use have to pay the $ 0.99 and Apple computer users should do from the start.


Recently, as part of the Dive Into Mobile conference, Jan Koum, CEO of WhatsApp, tossed up some statements with which the press sector was a feast. Most headlines have focused on the assessment of Koum regarding Twitter, indicated that their messaging is larger than the social network, with over 200 million users have reported bird Network. At this same event, Koum also reaffirmed the anti-advertising WhatsApp. ” advertising bombards us daily and we do not think WhatsApp smartphones are a good place to get them, because they are intimately connected to our lives. An announcement on a smartphone is a bad idea,” he said.


Koum added:” Our funding strategy can not be simpler: a dollar a year.” Finally, business strategy compared with other consumer services, such as electricity or gas, which shed no user ads.


WhatsApp In December 2012 published on its official blog an entry titled ”” Why not sell advertising . In English, it is interesting to review it to learn more about this business practice, so far unyielding.


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