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Thousands of people have discovered these days Whatsapp charges. It is nothing new, although they may surprise, since the register is accepted service of the application conditions, among which are included the annual payment of 89 cents in the case of Android or payment for life, in the case of the iPhone. The cost, 0.89 Euros.

“It’s a fantastic deal for what we offer (chat, audio, video, photo on the profile, lock for privacy …),” he explained at the headquarters of the company co-founder Brian Acton, in an interview with El Pais , in July last year .

Unlike other similar services, or advertises Whatsapp or allow ads on their application. “You trust more of a friend than from any other source, right?” Said Acton. “Everything is linked to our rejection of advertising,” added his colleague Jan Koum. “Experience is always better if you do not have annoying banners that distract you. “

The operators do not seem happy with the proliferation of such applications, which have considerably lowered sending SMS (to 15 cents). The first movement of the phone to counteract WhatsApp consisted give unlimited text messages to their customers won them Internet connection fee. It was not enough and have come together to create their own version with Joyn, an application announced with great fanfare during the 2012 edition of the Mobile World Congress. Initially Joyn came installed on the mobile operators subsidize. Gradually has been languishing, to the point of being irrelevant. While neither appears among the most downloaded.

Apple gave a twist to the iPhone’s SMS. iMessage unifies short text messages or multimedia both iPad and Apple computers. The advantage is that between two owners of an iPhone Shipments are WhatsApp style, using the flat rate data. With the rest of it is mobile payment.

Samsung has done something more ambitious approach. His program is called Chaton, works like Whatsapp but adds aesthetic details and winks like Line and also not have a mobile imprescidnible of that mark, although Android.

Facebook , with more than one million registered users and the conquest of the mobile as a challenge, has created Messenger. Newly added group chat and free voice calls between application users in the U.S. and Canada.

In Spain there are two attempts to get into the business of messaging instántea. One comes from the hand of the social network Tuenti. His proposal wants to generate such addition on the small screen as he had at the time on the computer.

National product also Spot Bross, free both Apple and Android, with 10 workers recently surpassed four months the first million users.



Its growth rate is higher than Facebook and Twitter were in their infancy.According to the creators, 71% of the downloads are from Spain, 14% in Mexico, Venezuela 8.2% and 4% of Colombia. Its strong point is privacy, since deleted all history from its servers after 30 days of shipment.

They are alternatives to Whatsapp, if anyone was misled by the notice of the charge. Although all free, some inserted  and others only read between phones of the same system. That everyone deserves considering whether Whatsapp 0.89 per year.

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