What’s happening with the Galaxy S III that fail?

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Some devices Samsung Galaxy S III has ceased to function as discussed users through the network.

Not good publicity to help in the Christmas season, but the way things are. Samsung is facing a fever in the network that is bringing together several users have mentioned that their smartphones Samsung Galaxy S III just stopped working for no reason. The first thing I thought was that there would be some justification for these faults , because things do not tend to happen just because.

Now there is news on the net that indicate that the reality on the problems of Samsung Galaxy S III is very different than one might have imagined. In fact, as being mentioned on Reddit specialists and XDA Developers, the Samsung Galaxy S III “cursed” if they stop working no more, no there’s nothing you can avoid to prevent this from happening if we have bad luck.

“To be specific, the plates T1, Dr the Samsung Galaxy S III is shutting down for no reason , but Samsung is replacing the plates for free. No new hardware revision, so this can happen again, “said a specialist on Reddit. There is also speculation that mentions a probable failure related to NAND memory.

The Korean company has not released any information about what is happening with some units of Samsung Galaxy S III , has not even acknowledged that there is an error, nor has advanced the severity or frequency of the problem . Thus users are somewhat linked abandoned in the support they are providing the company, who might still be performing internal checks to appreciate how far the scope of the problem.

It says, in contrast to this, that Samsung might be aware of the problem and that this is so severe that the company has decided to exchange and repair defective units free of charge not only to standard users who have not touched your terminal , but I have also those custom ROMs rooted or installed therein. Anyway, these are all assumptions that are not confirmed and they leave in the air what will happen shortly with famso Samsung smartphone. It is possible, if the news is widespread, affecting ending sales of the device in the important Christmas season.

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