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Where to store messages and share files (photos, videos …) through instant messenger WhatsApp? Can ‘hackearlos “a hacker at any time?response giving all computer technicians consulted is a resounding ‘yes’ , so that the initial conclusion is that despite security improvements being implemented by the service, other iMessage service alternatives as they are overcome with different methods to enhance the security of the information they share their users. In fact, since the application became popular, their main workhorse has been improving security (and in the latest version has come to encrypt their messages ), as criticism of the faults in this area are a constant.

For parts. The controversy this week when he sees jump light erotic videostarring a socialist mayor of the town of Los Yébenes Toledo , and accusations and canards about who has “risen” to begin to loose in internet like wildfire. The very councilman accused the mayor of having spread through e-mail; charges subsequently force the thesis that a young friend of his would have been circulated via WhatsApp or a “pirate” would have interfered with the operating system smartphone that used Hormigos Forgot to record their intimate scene and then cause his resignation to council minutes of making it public. Both theories place the latest messaging service compatible with operating systems from Google (Android), Blackberry OS, Windows Mobile, Windows 8 and that of Nokia Symbian60 well as Apple (the Mac to iPhone IOS) in the spotlight. And both manufacturers and computer experts consulted &  warn that if you set the WhatsApp for safekeeping in the so-called “cloud” or mobile local folder where you saved all your files if you use Android, then that video would be stored there on your own mobile. Olvido If sent via WhatsApp your video to the young footballer accused, for example, would be in both devices, in addition to being the fate of skilled “hacker” who wants to use that information reserved.

A folder on your Android mobile

In Android, when installing the messaging application, you create a folder on a mount point based on Linux operating system and all content shared by WhatsApp is discharged directly into that folder (/ scard / WhatsApp / media). Anyone with access to that cell phone can access the folder.

In the case of the iPhone, called “cloud” or Apple’s iCloud, for example, is just a piece of shared disk from a server that can be accessed with a username and password from a PC or other device. That is, with the username and password, or getting it in some way, you can also access and read all the avalanche of information that can be transferred via WhatsApp.

However, in the present case and more informative title or anecdotal police, computer and tested manufacturers suggest that it is likely that the Socialist councilor or a person close the file share and then to the public sphere would be no more a minimum jump. It will be relevant research which determined.

You can always recover

The WhatsApp, today, is used as if it were a chat, except that the ability to share and send all types of audio, video and image make the conversation more fluid, for which there must be the only mobile internet. Discussions not lost, and can retrieve or save forever. In fact, we can even configure the application settings screen to save the history of all conversations (with internal images and videos, included) from the beginning. In this application there is also the option to send chat history , where you select the specific conversation and sent if desired (with the possibility to convert TXT file, or save files like photos and videos by default too). The last step is to send the record in the form of email, so that conversation tracking also remain in the outbox emails from that terminal.

There are many spy software to access tracking WhatsApp

Finally, someone he trusted to have conversation confidentiality should also know that in the market there is a very wide range of spy software and applications that are called ‘How to spy on mobile WhatsApp Android and iPhone “and that prices around 470 euros to spy WhatsApp, track your content, record calls, time and date, duration, recording also messages containing photos and videos, and depending on the type of mobile phone, using GPS to find programs in which direction or location map those conversations are happening. These are programs that, explain some of their manufacturers, used on all those who sniff a possible infidelity oo parents for knowing where your children are at all times. Modern programs to spy phones are discreet and installed instantly without connecting to a computer. The log is saved on a server and provides the option to access it from any computer or phone with internet access. Allow up to make screen images of the messages of interest, both sent and received.

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