What remains unclear about Office 2013?

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We know that Microsoft Office 2013 focuses on the integration with the cloud by offering subscriptions to Office 365 at home users, and has been optimized for use on touch screens.But what about the things we do not know? Microsoft is keeping silent on several key points, including price, release dates and whether or not there is support for Android devices and the IOS release of Office 2013.


What we know

A sample of the new productivity suite was released last week. Office 2013 is considered “the largest and most ambitious version of Office” to date, and includes integration with online services like Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and SkyDrive. Microsoft is also opening the 365 Office subscription service for home users. If you subscribe to Office 365 Home Premium, Office 2013 can run up to five PCs, and still get 60 minutes for calls to landlines using Skype and 20 GB of extra space for storing documents on SkyDrive.

The Office 365 Premium Package includes Access, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher and Word 2013. Office 365 Subscribers can also use a feature called Office on Demand, with which they can do “streaming” of a copy of Office for every PC connected to the internet. When you finish using the program it disappears from the PC, but all the files you created or modified remain where you saved them.

Office 2013 will also be offered on DVDs, like previous versions, if you are not interested in a subscription to Office 365 and prefer to install programs “the old way.”

When Office 2013 is released?

Microsoft does not say when Office 2013 and Office 365 will be launched. But considering the “2013” in its name, is a safe bet that it will not happen until next year. Microsoft has released Office 2010, currently the latest version of the application package in June 2010, seven months after launching the first beta version. Thus, it is estimated that Office 2013 should hit stores around February of next year.

The Office 2013 will cost?

Microsoft does not mention prices or versions of the “box” or via the Office of the signature 365. Whereas a box of Office 2010 Home and Student with three licenses cost $ 199, we estimate that this is a good guess as to the price of an equivalent version of Office 2013.

Web applications will work properly on Android and iOS?

Microsoft claims that any Office features 365 which can be accessed in a browser will work on devices with Android and iOS. But it is unclear what that means exactly. The current versions of Office Web Apps do not allow editing of documents using a tablet or smartphone. In these devices, all you can do with the current version of Office 365 is to access your e-mail, calendar, contacts and task list using the version of Microsoft Exchange Online, or view documents using SharePoint.

There will be applications for Android and iOS?

We heard rumors indicating that native applications for iOS (and possibly Android) will be available as part of subscription package 365 Office when Office 2013 is released. The journalist Paul Thurrott, a specialist at Microsoft, suggested that the iOS and Android applications can even count on a maximum of five copies of Office 365. Microsoft already offers a version of OneNote for iOS and Android, and rumors of an Office for iPhone has been circulating for some time.

How long until the entire package to adopt the visual Metro?

So far there is only one application in Office 2013 Preview Metro, OneNote. Other applications suffer clear influence of the new design language, but still run on traditional desktop environment. Microsoft does not yet seem ready to do all the Office suite to adopt the new interface for Windows 8, and even OneNote still has a desktop version. But imagine that is inevitable in the coming years to provide Microsoft gradually Metro versions of all programs.

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