What is Lightscribe?

During the early years of the CD-ROM, each CD / DVD recorded at home was identified by means of adhesive labels, permanent markers (pens) or inkjet printers specific to optical media. However, the visual finish of these methods often leave much to be desired. And labels peeling paint or of poor quality could result in damage to the optical reader.



Lightscribe allows you to customize CDs and DVDs 

Thinking of bridging this gap, HP launched at CES 2004 Lightscribe technology. Although already in the market for almost nine years, many people still unaware. Many people have Lightscribe on their computers and do not know.

What is Lightscribe?

The Lightscribe is nothing more than the ability to create “tags” custom grayscale onto CDs and DVDs from your laser optical recorder. There are three requirements for this to occur:


The computer must have a burner with Lightscribe capability. To identify their presence, see if technology logo is on the cover of the optical drive label or some micro.

Because it was invented by HP, is very common to see this brand Lightscribe on computers and its divisions (eg Compaq). Currently, the technology can be found in products from other manufacturers, for example, the Pioneer.

Optical Media

CDs and DVDs with Lightscribe that work are different from the ordinary. Their surfaces have a thin layer sensitive to the laser recorder. For the printing is done, the media should always be placed upside down on the recorder.

Although the media are more expensive, the user saves the other hand by dismissing the use of ink cartridges and labels. The CD / DVD Lightscribe can be found in different shades, but the end result of drawings and texts will always be monochrome.

Printing Software

First step to be done is to enable the functionality of the Lightscribe burner by installing the “Lightscribe System Software (LSS).” There are versions for Windows, Mac and Linux at this link.

Then simply choose a program to create the logo or text to be printed on the CD / DVD Lightscribe.Many recording applications (eg Nero, Ashampoo and Roxio) have versions with applications for development of Lightscribe labels.

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