What if Google Glass eccentricity but not a revolution?

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No talk of nothing else. As you know, is being held in the U.S. city of Austin, the famous South by Southwest (SXSW), a multidisciplinary event that unleashes the creativity in various fields. And how could it be otherwise, in Texas town has shining examples Google Glass , the latest invention of the Mountain View that is monopolizing the headlines in all media. 

Google Glass

Google Glass

This product combines augmented reality with a more or less conventional glasses, is establishing itself as a serious commitment in which Google is played much, and is presented as a real turning point in regards to technology. You know, California or breaching get a ‘gadget’ transgressor or the bump will be sounded. Google plans to market these futuristic glasses later this year and although the steady drip of information is the last thing we heard from them has been mentioned under the contest, which has shown a collection of ‘apps’ first level which will support the futuristic glasses. Google is clear: the future of technology integrated systems goes through as proposed. The idea is simple: a user can access the glasses without lifting a finger to most of the functions that until now required the user’s physical interaction. Google replaces it with the voice and input of information with a projection lens. Is an eccentricity of future or actually has a useful application?

Again with the privacy

Aware that this will certainly be a great challenge, while Sergey Brin and Larry Page do not stop distilling videos that users can see happy living everyday situations as sparks fly to the glasses. The last video was presented precisely at SXSW and in this sense, the wholesaler ConAgra Foods has developed together with Google a detailed video that can be seen in the two friends making buying and using the maximum benefits of the glasses. The truth is that watching these videos one seems to need that pair of glasses and, certainly, it seems clear that the future lies in Google Glass. But all is not gold that glitters.

Google’s flagship product faces many questions. The first, that of privacy : a device that records everything that happens constantly and contrasts this information in the network will not taste dish for many users in public places. A bar of Seattle was the first (and we predict it will not be the only one) that has banned the entry into its premises to customers equipped with futuristic glasses. 

But there is another potential obstacle to the use of goggles not clear whether Google has calibrated well: the aesthetic. There are few users who refuse to buy great smartphones by “what people say” to take such a tablet attached to the face, so imagine going out with an undeniable ‘look’ to Robocop . Although in this sense, Californians have run to assert that this is the first prototypes and design will be refined when the product is sold officially.

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