What does the Samsung Galaxy S4 to succeed?

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When you have one week to see what we have prepared with the Samsung Galaxy S4 , we wonder about what you need the new smartphone to return to dazzle users and conquer the market. No doubt that will incorporate many new features, but it remains to be seen whether they will be sufficient.

Resources have made ​​a collection of features that the Samsung Galaxy S4 needs to succeed . Items considered are the external design and finishes, and hardware performance, passing by the camera, the battery or the Android version. Let’s look at the aspects that need to succeed S4 Galaxy.


Samsung should take a step forward in the design of its new smartphone and continuo line break implanted with the previous model. Most terminals are identical company abroad and thus the S4 Galaxy must find its identity. The materials seem that will not change, but this should not alienate innovation.

It also seems clear that the screen will grow , up to 5 inches with full HD resolution. Surely the screen size will be reviews for everyone, what is a fact is that the resolution must be Full HD . Posts to ask, that the technology used in the screen is OLED, which would give it a significant advantage over the competition.


Samsung should bet strongly for its new processor Exynos 5 Octa and install a minimum of 2GB of RAM . Use of this processor would put things very complicated to competition and also give a major bombshell on the time of submission.


Regarding the camera, we expect real improvements and not an absurd struggle to increase the megapixels. It is very likely that the Samsung Galaxy S4 count with a camera 13 megapixels , but should be accompanied by new features and better lenses, somewhat along the lines of HTC in its new terminal.


It is really difficult, if not impossible, that Samsung will surprise us with Android version 5.0 . Key Lime Pie to be presented by Google during the Google I / O May and assume that first appear in a terminal Nexus Range. With this background, the Samsung Galaxy S4 should arrive at least Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.


The battery life is one of the main complaints of users of any smartphone. Samsung should at least incorporate a battery of 2500 mAh and optimize system performance to achieve increase battery life.

Once the request list view for the Samsung Galaxy S4, we would like to know what are your requirements for the new smartphone. We would also like to know what the selling price you think you should have to succeed as it has the S3.

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