What does it mean when my LG Dare screen turns blue?

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The LG Dare LCD controls almost all the input of the device, so if the screen turns blue, it will be impossible to use the phone . In general, there are two reasons for blue screen: a failure of software or hardware failure. Since it is impossible to determine the problem by looking at the Dare, repair the screen requires you to take some steps to fix the problem in the correct order.

Software Problems and fixes

It is possible, though unusual, totally blue screen on the LG Dare has a cause somewhere in the software. Because the operating system controls the information the LCD interprets and displays, software failure can cause the operating system to send wrong information to the LCD screen, causing the blue screen. To solve this problem, you just have to reset the device by removing the battery, waiting a few seconds and then replacing the battery.

LG Dare Screen

LG Dare Screen

Hardware Problems

When your LCD LG Dare turns blue, the most likely cause is a hardware problem. In general, there are two points of failure you have the ability to fix: LCD itself and the ribbon cable that goes between the LCD and the control board. If the LCD is defective, you can open the Dare and replace the component . If the ribbon cable is defective, you still have to replace the LCD as the two elements are connected, however, if the cable is simply not positioned correctly, replacing it may solve the problem.

Arrangements hardware

Dare To repair replacing the LCD, you need a Phillips screwdriver and pry tool. Remove the six screws from the back of the device and remove the back cover. Loosen the three cable connectors located on the control board, taking special care of the condition of the wire on the left.If this connector is loose, this is probably the problem, and replace the cable should solve the problem. Pry the control board of the housing, then pry the frame beam away from the LCD.Replace that screen and remount the device.


Water damage

As you open the Dare, is a good idea to check the control board, and especially the LCD cable connector, for water damage. If any area of ​​the plate came into contact with water, could have caused a short circuit that could cause the blue screen issue. Looking for a rust-like substance, either green or brown in circuits or metal connectors of said plate. If you find any damage caused by water, the device will probably never work again.


Replacement devices

If your LG Dare is under warranty, the best option may be to not try to fix it yourself, as opening the device will void the warranty, instead take it for repair professional or a replacement device . If your Dare no warranty and replace the LCD has not solved the problem of the blue screen, you’ll have to buy a replacement device, since the problem is somewhere within the control board and can not be fixed.

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