What do I do, alkyl or buy the Office?

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Today Microsoft has announced the Home Premium version of Office 365. The version “in the cloud” office suite already existed but is now available to students and families, not just companies, and is associated with a local version. The central proposal of 365 Home Premium is interesting. Instead of buying the office suite, for rent.


I will focus  in this post on cases of domestic user to the corporate market because the options are more complex, varied, and there are different forms of use. M icrosoft Office still sells the traditional boxed so now there are two options, like housing. Or buy or rent. There are advantages and disadvantages to both options. If you buy the suite (Office 2013) in perpetuity. While you can install it on a computer you can make use of it. It’s yours, no one takes it. But is the version you bought. In two years, when there is Office 2015, you will have to purchase an upgrade or new whole software package. 

If you rent Office 365 Home Premium version also get “local”. That is, there is an Office exclusively “in the cloud”. You can use it without network connection.You also have 20 GB of storage on the network and 60 minutes of calls on Skype . You pay 100 euros a year but instead always have the latest Office. What if you stop paying? files remain accessible yours and, of course, but local programs come in as a “read only”.

Many see in this passage Microsoft a bet on the right track. The future of software, they say, is the subscription model. For Microsoft this bet is doubly smart because uses one of most profitable divisions, the Office, with the deficit, the network service . From my point of view, however, runs the risk of accelerating user fatigue at the phenomenon of subscription. Not because it is a better option in many cases-probably is-but because the services are starting to pile up. Spotify, Office, Google (for those with more space, for example), Flickr (pro account), etc … At the end when numbers are the amounts can be significant.

To Microsoft’s main problem, in any case, not the hypothetical fatigue subscription business but free alternatives have already entered the common consumer circuit, not a quirk of early-adopters . The idea is that Office in Redmond remains a necessary standard in the business world, and it is true, it is in many – and that their end users spreading to domestic use. pressure to do so, however, it is becoming declining.

I was able to test the new version this morning and is everything you would expect from Office. ‘s well designed, intuitive and simplified use with respect to the previous version , or at least seems easier thanks to the new graphic style. It is now available for Mac and Windows but I have a feeling that we will also see clients for Android and iOS, albeit with limited functionality (this is a hunch, I have no confirmation).

A version that I found very clever is the student focused. costs 100 euros but is valid for the four year duration of the race. Not a bad plan.

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