What are Ultrapixels?

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In the last hours has been circulating a word on the Web: ” Ultrapixel “.The novelty comes associated with moving people from HTC will be introducing in the coming days, but it appears that the Ultrapixel not something unique to that company, but will also be adopted by other manufacturers. Although the end result is still a pixel like so many others, the technology “Ultrapixel”commitment to increase the amount of information when forming each pixel, increasing the final quality of each image.


The cameras take a long time integrated mobile phones. And although their quality has improved in recent years, are still far from the quality that other cameras deliver more“dedicated” . Also keep in mind that the application receives such cameras. After all, the iPhone 5 has an eight-megapixel sensor, which tends to be used to take pictures and cut saturated ending in Instagram . That sets the question: Is it necessary to increase the capacity of the cameras in smartphones? Manufacturers are convinced that yes, and“new” in that aspect, called “Ultrapixel”.

Most likely you’ve heard of Ultrapixel through M7 HTC smartphone, but beyond that device specifications, what is it? Basically, instead of relying on a high capacity sensor(like the 13 megapixel initially mentioned for the M7) , the technology Ultrapixel“distributes” the capture system in three 4.3 megapixel sensors. The data becomes a little more nebulous, as some speculate portals that ‘quality’ end will be tied to the maximum capacity of the sensor, i.e, 4.3 megapixels, a fairly low number compared to what is offered today smartphones . But with three sensors, one shot triples the amount of data for image generation. The operation of this sensor group has been compared to the Sigma Foveon X3. Briefly, Ultrapixels are pixels created from three data points, or simply “more information per image” . As a result, the quality of the images obtained will have a definition and color accuracy much higher than that obtainable with an individual sensor. At the same time, the term “Ultrapixel” seek to impose a new “measure” to establish quality cameras in smartphones. The race of megapixels is completely finished, and we know well that increase the capacity of the sensor does not automatically translate into higher quality. We will have to wait for some products reach the market with this technology, to see for ourselves if the “Ultrapixel” keeps his word, or whether it is another publicity stunt.

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