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Facebook is testing a redesign of its social network whose most striking changes are the arrangement of the ‘News’ best images and mobile integration. redesign was introduced last week and the company wanted to answer some of the most common questions usually generate your changes . We present the most outstanding custom changes this platform whose users spend an average of seven hours a month .

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg

How do I get the new design?

The Facebook redesign applies to all users by default but will gradually change. From Facebook state that “everyone should have the new design soon.” Also available to subscribe to a list to receive before. You can register here and Facebook will notify you when the update is available.

What has changed in Facebook?

Basically four key aspects have changed . The first is that in the “News” or “Feed” the photos appear now with better quality and Taman, stories enrich depending on their relevance. For example, a video shared by several friends will stand out in a better way. The other change is a new sidebar to help you navigate the different parts of the network of Zuckerberg. The third change is that the news will now be able to classify as music, photos, or all my friends. Notices will also vary, and will now appear in the upper right corner of the site. Before leaving the left corner.

How does the new sidebar?

Explained from the Facebook Help Center with this bar (as with the current) can reach different sites such as Biography, groups or applications. “The top of the bar gives you quick ccess to the sites you use the most . By clicking ‘View More’ is encontraán links to other sections, “reads the information. What is new is that the bar is “sensitive” to the size you have Facebook open window. Expands only have room to do so. “If the bar does not expand, try to use a browser on complea screen or adjust the screen size.”

How do I access the privacy settings?

You can reach the privacy settings from the sidebar or at the top right of any page in an inverted triangle symbol and click on “Settings”, then you must click on “Privacy” on the left clumna. There is also a shortcut by clicking on the icon of a padlock present in the top of the sidebar.

Permance? Chat rod in the same place?

It has now changed position and moves to the left side of the network . Access to Chat is now in the sidebar under applications, groups and Pages. At the bottom of this bar appear more friends that also converts Chat settings.

How do I see the classification of “news”?

When you log in to Facebook appear ‘News’ (general) default. To view the new classifications must click on the inverted triangle icon in the upper right corner to see these ratings. They are divided into: Groups(published mensjaes appear in groups that are registered), photos(pictures shared by your friends and you follow the Fan Page), All My Friends “All Friends” (appears everything ranging publishing your friends in order of publication), Following “Following” (publications of the famous brands that have or Fan Page). They are also “Recent”, “Games”, “Music” and “close friends or family.” You can also add new categories.

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