We are open to use different operating systems on our phones

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Kunimasa Suzuki is the only executive of Sony double work. As president of Sony Mobile Communications is responsible for the first line of phones and tablets from the company that boasts only the Sony logo . Until last February phones were the responsibility of a joint venture between the Japanese giant and the Swedish company Ericsson.

As president of user experience and overall product strategy ensures that all devices maintain a uniform appearance, a key work in a Sony, now in the hands of Kazuo Hirai, is trying to streamline its portfolio and move beyond the bureaucracy during the last decade has hindered the progress of the brand . It is an ambitious restructuring plan that includes serious cuts. The company this year plans to eliminate nearly 10,000 jobs across all divisions.

It takes only four months at the helm of Sony Mobile.What you have discovered that you have to change?

We are acting on three fronts . The first is marketing . We need to improve relations with customers and operators and better utilize our sales channels. Here we have advantage over other manufacturers because we have our own network of stores, for example.

The second is the use of our own components when making our phones. We provide several key components in the smartphone, such as camera sensors. Now we can get more our own components and get more advanced devices at the same time more affordable.

Finally, we are using the synergies of Sony to create better user experiences. We have music and video stores, we have a significant presence in the world of gaming with the Playstation brand and have extensive experience in audio and video.

Is it difficult to differentiate from other Android manufacturers?

Our proposal is clearly different from the other for those reasons I just mentioned. No other manufacturer is in the advantageous position of power that we have to use all these elements, which in many cases are already in a while.

Would you consider using other operating systems on mobile Sony?

Right now we are happy with Android but it’s something we’re always studying and yes, in the future we might be open to other operating systems .

What short-term changes seen in the catalog?

Let’s simplify considerably the catalog and focus on fewer releases but they are very powerful. There are also features that are in high demand in Japan and we are beginning to export successfully asmobile liquid spill resistant . There is also a serious bid for leisure. We continue to expand the catalog of Playstation Certified phones, with access to a quality store for Android games. Other manufacturers may also access certification, but we maintain a privileged position.

There are several lawsuits pending between the major phone manufacturers and we have the recent case of the verdict in the trial that pits Apple and Samsung. How is Sony protected against such actions?

I’m not overly concerned about this issue. Sony has a long history of innovation and a large catalog of patents. Our Sony Ericsson phones were often pioneered many features that we consider as usual the touchscreen. intellectual property issues are really strong .

Part of the responsibility of Sony Mobile Communications, are also tablets and PC. It is increasingly common to find commonality between all these elements. Will there come a day when we stop seeing them as different?

It is difficult to predict the future but yes, there are fewer differences between them and we certainly towards full convergence. We are one of the few companies that does not separate divisions computer telephony . For us there is no longer a barrier between the PC, a tablet or a phone.

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