Waymo Becomes Separate Entity Under Alphabet To Look Google’s Driverless Project

Google is coming with something bigger and more revolutionary. It announced Waymo, indicating to be larger and more powerful than its search engine, which is already the largest.

But what is Waymo in fact?

The self-driving car unit of Google will henceforth be called Waymo. It will be a separate entity under Alphabet umbrella. The name has been derived from its mission of finding – “a new way forward in mobility.” John Krafcik will be the CEO of it.

Google is currently in the seventh year of the high-profile program and self-driving technology is in the forefront. Lately great challenges for the unit have emerged from other companies like Uber and Apple, who too are developing their own version of driverless vehicles.

Krafcik said at a press conference in San Francisco, “It’s an indication of the maturity of our technology… We can imagine our self-driving tech being used in all sorts of areas.”

Late last year Google’s self-driving cars gave complete autonomous ride in Austin, Texas boarding a blind man and no one else. Usually an engineer shares the back seat with passenger to monitor the technology.

Krafcik further said Waymo will reveal when the company will make the technology production-ready, adding they will not be interested in producing such cars, but only to develop the technology that drives the vehicles.

Over the past year the search giant has hired more engineers for the project and has also doubled the testing centers to four.

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