Vodafone mobile subsidize again to snatch customers from rivals

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Vodafone Spain returns to subsidize phones to attract new customers despite the ideology of the operator is considered that strategy short of suicidal. But theory is one thing and practice another. So, since last summer, Vodafone is torn between the desirable and convenient, with promotions that contradict its intention earlier this year to not give away phones in order to win customers.

Just check the list of supported devices to check Vodafone handset subsidies that benefit not only current operator’s subscribers but also those that come with your number of other companies.

After the summer campaign of Vodafone, generally subject to specific promotions, market watchers these days They note that the measures allegedly exceptional summer continue during the first weeks of autumn. That happened with the Apple iPhone 5 and the same trade policy is repeated with the Huawei Ascend P1, which presented yesterday in Madrid the Chinese manufacturer.

The latter device “is available from zero euros for new and Vodafone customers with rate @ L, which includes 750 minutes to any network, free calls to all three numbers chosen by Vodafone VIP customer, unlimited SMS and 750 MB to surf the Internet from Smartphon e, and Voice over IP for 60 euros a month, according to sources from the operator.

Data Portability Vodafone early last summer invite to subsidize mobile operator, since the loss of subscribers was substantially below those recorded last spring by the same company.

Exclusive to Vodafone

The same smartphone Huawei’s high-end is also available for 69 euros if the rate is linked @ M (40 euros per month) which includes 350 minutes to any network, free calls together all two Vodafone numbers chosen by the customer, unlimited text messages, 500 MB for browsing and VoIP services.

Without commitment to stay, but blocked it can be used with SIM cards from other operators, mobile costs 384 euros. Also, the Ascend P1 stands by its thickness of 7.69 millimeters, its 110 grams (one gram less than the iPhone 5) in addition to its dual-core processor 1.5 GHz and the operating system Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

High resistance screen

The new Chinese mobile giant has a wide touch screen 4.3-inch Super AMOLED high resistance to scratches. To complete the team, the Asian manufacturer has added a long battery life of 1800 mAh (30 percent more durable that peer) and a second microphone for improved sound quality. To all this is added a coating of PPVD in its back cover that distributes heat on the surface.

“We created a very balanced terminal, with many features and technologies that provide high lightness and strength,” explains product managers. The device features the most advanced connectivity technologies of the moment, to make it compatible with DLNA TVs, notebooks, cameras or PC, and MHL technology that allows the transmission of video and audiovisual content to large screen devices.

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