VMware Launches Cloud Marketplace

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VMware has launched its Cloud Applications Marketplace given. an online meeting place and shop for developers, independent software vendors, system integrators and end users They are here to do business and initiate collaborations and.


Closely linked is the Market Place with an update to version 5.0 of vFabric. Together they should App rollouts across multiple platforms (including AmazonEC2 allow) or facilitate.

To start the Marketplace contains more than 100 app blueprints, reference architectures and middleware services for generic or customized apps. Helped out even more than 30 VMware partners – the ISV to content providers.

On the software side, now both vCenter Operations Management Suite 5.6 and vFabric Application Director 5.0 as part of are vCloud suite available, which is licensed by the number of processors. Prices start at $ 4,995 per CPUAlternatively, they can bill per virtual machine.

The vCloud infrastructure platform suite enabling greater automation of cloud management. The same also has come vCenter Operations Management Suite 5.6 presents an in-depth application monitoring. Alternatively, a view at the group level is possible.


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