VLC gets funding to get Windows 8

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The media player VLC has overcome his mark in funding platform Kickstarter . The VideoLAN team proposed the project on this platform of ‘crowdfunding’ to release a version for Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 8. The native version of VLC arrive at an estimated time of three months for this system by having passed the 40,000 pounds of funding secured.

   VLC is one of the most popular players. The variety of formats and play ease of use are the main features. In total, according to its creators, VLC is present in more than 100 million Windows computers worldwide, and they want the figure continues to grow with Windows 8.

   To achieve this, the creators of VLC were proposed earlier this month to create a native application for Windows 8 that has all its main features. This application would be integrated with the new Microsoft system interface based on a more focused to optimize graphic touch navigation.

   Although he had prototypes of this application, the team decided to go to Kickstarter VLan, main platform for getting funding for ‘crowdfunding’ to raise funds and launch the native app for Windows 8. Specifically, the final sum that was considered necessary for the application was 40,000 pounds (49,303.6 euros).

   Three weeks later, the user support has ensured that the number exceeds 40,000 pounds, 41,477 pounds concretely achieved (50,810 euros) so the team behind the VLC player ensures that begin to work on them in the three months after the end of the marking period to raise funding, specifically within five days.

The current version of VLC running in desktop mode of Windows 8 , and is available only for computers with Intel processors. This new version of VLC is natively integrated into the new user experience and also for ‘tablets’ ARM, as recorded by the Kickstarter blog.

   “This fundraiser is intended to allow members of the VideoLAN team to work on this new version full time. Expect an initial release in three months after completing the fundraising period. This would not be possible with volunteers. Successful fundraising also allow us to hire professional designers to create a user interface nice and clean, “they say.

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