VLC comes in Beta version for Android

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VLC Media Player is available in Beta for Android than 2.1. and can be downloaded from Google Play as much from the official website of VideoLan.VideoLan The company has taken a new and important in the world of mobile applications. As anticipated for days, has released a preview of what will later be able to see users of smartphones with Android on their screens without having to resort to ‘codecs’ outside.

VLC Media Player always has been characterized by offer a wide compatibility with the different formats of video that exist in today. As you said its creator, VideoLAN, VLC plays “most media files as well as disks, network devices and protocols streaming.”At first this ‘app’ is intended only for hardcore users. ” It can be downloaded for free from the official VideoLan, in the “downloads” where “other OS” section that appears as Android, indicating that it is available for download on Google Play.According to the company published on its website, the models of smartphones compatible with VLC for Android is HTC One X, Samsung S3 Galaxy, Galaxy Nexus, Samsung S2 Galaxy, HTC HD and Nexus One To expand its development on more mobile devices The company enlists the help of the community with their ‘feedback’.The Beta version is no less a precedent for what will be in the future the ‘app’ for an average user of smartphone. Therefore VideoLan has considered the possibility of asking for volunteers, under the motto “Help Us!” To try VLC on as many devices as possible to find fault, find improvements or know the limitations of hardware you may have. VLC comes to ask for financial aid until the following words on its website: “We need funds to buy or rent a wide variety of devices; fund some developers and support staff to correct mistakes, and buy several tools to accelerate development.”

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