Viruses may have stolen $ 78 million in three continents banks


A new wave of invasion automated online bank accounts may have resulted in the theft of $ 78 million customer accounts in banks in Europe, Latin America and the United States last year, according to researchers who have studied the activities of groups of hackers .

The groups used the recent improvements in two families existing hacking software, known as Zeus and SpyEye, which is home to the computers of customers of 60 banks.

While previous versions were already effective at capturing login information, the latest automated the subsequent transfer of funds to accounts controlled by accomplices. The findings, released on Tuesday by security companies McAfee and Guardian Analytics, confirm and expand research conducted by Japan’s Trend Micro last week.

“It seems to be the beginning of a new technique,” said Craig Priess, vice president of the Guardian, whose specialty is protecting the banks. The software is sophisticated enough to defeat the method of chip and password or other authentication systems-factor, and prevents transfer the entire balance of an account once, which could arouse suspicion, according to the company.

Trend Micro said it identified the software in operation in Germany, UK and Italy. The Guardian and McAfee, Intel’s claim that the technology is still emerging, is already in use by a dozen major gangs of hackers against individual and corporate clients in Colombia, Holland and USA.

“Some of the developers of this system has specialized knowledge about the systems of banks,” said Dave Marcus, director of research at McAfee Labs.

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