Virtual relationships are the 75% of social interactions

A specialist Jaliscience Mental Health Institute ensures that virtual relationships represent 75 percent of social interactions.

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The virtual relationships represent up to 75 percent of social interactions that establish those six to 52 years old, said Julio Olguin Horacio Villegas, specialist Jalisco Institute of Mental Health.

The head of Education in Mental Health Institute said adding that the favorite activities of people are virtual games, sharing pictures and chat.

Social fastest growing addictions in Mexico, he said, are related to Internet, specifically with games and friendships established through various social networks.

He said that the activities normally carried on the network people are chatting or publish comments, download music, update or visit social networks and send or receive emails.

“Addictions are not limited to the behaviors generated by chemicals, there are seemingly harmless habits of behavior that can become addictive and seriously interfere with everyday life of people affected,” he warned.

Therefore, he said that it is necessary to know the main types of psychological addictions, as they are also risk factors.

Auditory and visual drugs, he said, have the new duct the Internet, but respond to an old operation: the brain as a central body that commands the biochemical reactions and, therefore, of moods, which can be modified through of the sound frequencies.

He stressed that addictions that are initiated by the auditory and visual perceptual channels begin at the disposition of the subject to autosuggestion, where through associations of stimuli and reinforcers can alter states of consciousness and emotions.

The specialist said that the excessive euphoria is one of its main features is the feeling and looking mainly young people.

If the person already consumed any drugs, “these new drugs affect the association that people have between consumer experience and sounds that evoke”.

He said the technology offers an unattainable number of objects that cover the wishes of the people, “It is easier, however complicated enough, enter the make and model of a smartphone, which aims to consolidate a life project”.

“This false security to resolve the complications of life with the power of a touch, to feel always accompanied by any of the thousand contacts and change our appearance in photoshop, it can create false expectations of our identity and personality, therefore, feel the failure, “he said.

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