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Over 93 million viewers turn to Vimeo in the second major video platform on the web , the alternative to Youtube for those who want to share their creations with others. Starting today is also a distribution channel for video on demand. The company has announced a new service, Vimeo On Demand , which allows developers to charge for the rental or purchase of the video.



The new platform will be open exclusively to registered professionals in Vimeo-account “Pro” costs about $ 200 per year, but will create a “pay wall” (paywall) to distribute professional content creator considers price appropriate. Vimeo will retain a commission of 10% and the remaining 90% will go to the seller .

At first, users will have to purchase the videos via the web, but later also enable the purchase from its own mobile devices. There are different modes of commercialization. The creators can decide “rent” the video for a certain time or a specific number of plays or sell the content for unlimited reproduction, even allowing the download.

The new service has been introduced during the film festival SXSW Interactive with a screening of “It’s Such a Beautiful Day ‘, the latest work of animator Don Hertzfeldt , nominated and awarded by the Academy and pioneer in the field of self-distribution. Hertzfeldt will release an extended version of It’s Such a Beautiful Day in the new platform at a price of $ 2 (rental) and $ 6 (buy)

The idea is to attract Vimeo these independent directors seeking a distribution channel for their work instead of reaching an agreement with major producers and distributors of motion. The company already offers other payment systems, but by way of voluntary donations from viewers.

His biggest rival, Youtube (owned by Google), has also been tested with different ways of remunerating authors of the videos. Currently has several forms of advertising that can be inserted during the viewing of the video but also plans to launch a “pay wall” for specific channels that could reach the market in the coming months. This service would provide higher quality content in exchange for a monthly hit could range rumored, between one and five dollars a month.

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