Vesta asteroid was ageless

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Astronomers working with the data probe Dawn, found that the process of erosion of space characteristic of the moon and other celestial bodies atmosphere less, for some unknown reason, while not affect the giant asteroid Vesta. 

The conclusions are based on astronomers studying the spectra of the asteroid’s surface. They researchers found no characteristic signs of iron nano particles, which should be in the top layer of soil. According to modern concepts, microscopic metal beads formed on the surface of the ground by the condensation of steam. In gaseous metal goes from a fall onto the surface of cosmic dust particles and solar wind.

These processes result in the erosion of space, for example, to darken lunar regolith. It can be clearly seen in the photographs of the lunar craters, where the lighter deep soil reaches the surface.Over time, it also erodes and darkens.

Previously it was thought that space erosion occurs on all cosmic bodies devoid of atmosphere, but on the West Side of it could be found. Perhaps this is due to the presence of a large asteroid on the magnetic field, deflecting the solar wind. His influence can be observed in the individual points of the moon.

According to astronomers, those differences in the color of the soil, which can be seen in photographs of craters of Vesta, are not associated with the erosion of the surface layer, and the stirring of asteroids. It is interesting that, in time, they disappear just like the moon, but by a different mechanism – further stirred by new clashes.

Vesta is one of the largest asteroids in the solar system. It is located in the main asteroid belt – between Mars and Jupiter. Recently, thanks to the analysis of the material of Vesta scientists have measured the magnetic field that was present on the asteroid about 3.7 billion years ago.

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