Valve officially announced Steam for Linux

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After a long beta testing, the developer and publisher of computer games Valve announced the official release of Steam for Linux. In honor of this week’s sale corporation arranged games adapted for GNU / Linux. Despite the fact that the beta open to all distributions, the title became a partner of the company Canonical, which develops and promotes running Ubuntu. Therefore the issue is focused on the system.

According to the resources, the company worked closely with Valve, to make Ubuntu a better gaming platform of open systems. Valave Software working hard on porting Steam on Linux since the summer of last year, though, according to the publication of Phoronix, who had access to Valve, the project was carried out in 2010. However, the crossing was initiated by the head porting company – Gabe Newell. In the past, employee Microsoft, he was very negative about the first versions of Windows 8, calling the system a disaster for the industry. Gabe give convincing arguments did not, so he was charged that he is afraid of the ecosystem Microsoft, where Valve can not find the place.

However, despite the huge amount of speculation on Ubuntu and Steam, it is clear that Valve makes a serious bet on Linux. Newell has said that the future Steambox console will run on Linux, the company intends to integrate into their ecosystem and Ubuntu Mobile. In addition, Valve is working closely with NVIDIA to work on a portable console Shield, managed system Google Android. Gabe also said that Ubuntu is not the only distribution that will be officially supported by Steam.

As mentioned above, after release of the software for Ubuntu, in a sale arranged Valve games. While on the list cannot watch without crying, as in the catalog or mostly older games, or indie. Among the well-known games can be noted shooter Half-Life, Counter-Strike: Source, Serious Sam 3, horror Amnesia: The Dark Descent and the Penumbra Collection; historical strategy Crusader Kings II; and platformer Trine II. No contemporary AAA-deductible not paid attention release Steam for Linux. It goes beyond the matter is not yet known, but only of the top developers CD Projekt RED (known for a series of role-playing game The Witcher) expressed cautious curiosity about Steam release for Ubuntu, saying firmly consider porting their games to Linux.

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